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Classical Fingers clarinet learning accessory
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The only learning tool that helps students create perfect muscle memory for playing clarinet

Classical Fingers is a multi-award winning design made in Australia, engineered to provide a high-quality, easy-to-use, and reliable learning tool that helps clarinet students of all levels improve their technique for a better performance by keeping their fingers closer to the keys of the clarinet.  

"Classical Fingers works - and works brilliantly!"
- David Temby (Educator)

Classical Fingers is an easy to use learning tool for the clarinet

Easy to use


Perfect for all

Quality product


Designed with the
student in mind

By attaching two specifically designed magnetic bands to the clarinet, Classical Fingers simply clips into position, covering all of the essential keys. 

How Classical Fingers connects to the clarinet

It's like having a teacher there every time you practice

Engineered to target the clarinet student’s fluency and correct finger position, Classical Fingers is now an essential part of learning the clarinet, helping students build the correct muscle memory when practising. 

Classical Fingers is helping clarinet students in over 40 countries around the world play clarinet

Helping students in over 40 countries play clarinet

​Whether preparing for a recital, an examination, or playing for leisure, Classical Fingers eliminates any unnecessary finger movement ensuring a better performance, and improved results for all clarinet players. 


Maximise your potential, play smoother, and have more fun  with Classical Fingers

Thank you once again for your high quality customer service and for assisting clarinetists all around the world. An innovative invention and elegant design - well done!

- Susan Bentley (Student)

Classical Fingers follows the contour of the hand in a very natural way. An incredibly beautiful useful tool and a great invention.

- Michelle Anderson (Educator and founder of Clarinet Mentors) 

• Classical Fingers Guard
• 2 x Magnetic Bands
• Microfibre Pouch
• Quick Tips & Instructions

What's included with Classical Fingers

What's in the box

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