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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need Classical Fingers?
    Classical Fingers ensures fingers do not lift too high from the surface of the clarinet. In return, this devleops the correct muscle memory for your fingers and allows you to play notes smoother, quicker, and more accurately.
  • I have been learning for a number of years. Do I still need Classical Fingers?
    Yes! The chances are that you have picked up some bad habits along the way regarding your finger position and height. This will slow down your progress, especially with faster runs and higher notes.
  • Do the magnetic bands fit on all barrel sizes?
    Yes! The Magnetic bands are specifically engineered to be strong yet flexible enough to stretch over larger barrel sizes such as Backun etc.
  • How do I assemble Classical Fingers?
    Classical Fingers easily attaches to the clarinet via two magnetic bands. For full details, please view the How it woks page. Alternatively, detailed instructions are provided on the back of the box.
  • How do I store Classical Fingers?
    When you have finished using Classical Fingers, either clip the guard to your music stand, place it in the microfibre pouch provided, or store it in the box. The Magnetic Bands can remain on your clarinet for ease of use, or stored safely in your clarinet case.
  • Do I need Classical Fingers during every practice?
    No. Classical Fingers is a great learning tool but once you can feel the improvement in your playing, remove the guard and see if your fingers remain in the correct position when you play without it. However, it is advised to use Classical Fingers as much as possible - the more you use Classical Fingers, the better you will play!
  • Does Classical Fingers work on all clarinets?
    Classical Fingers is designed to work on the majority of Bb clarinets, however it DOES NOT WORK ON GERMAN SYSTEM CLARINETS. The general rule is if a clarinet lyre can fit on the middle joint, then the Magnetic Bands will fit and Classical Fingers will work. If you are unsure, please contact me and I will confirm the suitability of your clarinet for Classical Fingers.
  • Does Classical Fingers offer worldwide shipping?
    Yes! Classical Fingers ships to all countries using our trusted national provider, Australia Post. All shipments come with tracking and insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Is Classical Fingers availble in stores?
    Yes! Classical Fingers is available online and at select stores in different countries. A list of trusted stockists can be located on the Contact page.
  • Does Classical Fingers come with a warranty?
    Yes! Classical Fingers comes with a standard 6 month warranty. To view complete terms and conditions please visit the Warranty section in the Customer support page.
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