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Classical Fingers works - and works brilliantly! Beginners will accelerate their learning, seasoned players can check their finger technique and teachers will have the comfort in knowing that their student’s hands are in good hands. An ingenious, beautifully made and presented world class musical instrument accessory. An excellent product all round. - every student player should get their hands on one.

- David Temby (Educator and owner of the Temby Instrumental range)

You have created something that solves the age old problem for clarinetists worldwide - the problem with 'high fingers.' It's hard for beginners to be able to focus on pitch, embouchure etc and focus on the fingers to stay low. Now Sean can just focus on his playing/learning and let Classical Fingers do its job. Gone are the 'high and wild fingers.' Thank you.

- Bambang Witono (Father of student)

Congratulations on your most ingenious design - I love the elegant look of it because, like you say, the clarinet is such an elegant suave beast it would be such a shame to lose the aesthetic of it.

- Mark Walton (Educator, Performer, Composer)

Many times in my teaching I have wished for something like this for students whose fingers fly too high compromising their smooth technique... I congratulate you for the design awards you have won with it - fantastic! 

- Kate Stockwin (Educator, performer, examiner)

I must say this device is a work of simplistic genius! I've struggled with finger problems, but this device has offered me the ability to increase my dexterity across the range of the instrument. I really wish I had started playing the clarinet with this device attached from the very start! The amount of headache (and heartache) as well as the expedition of technique practice this device has saved me is not monetarily equitable.

- Isaiah "Izzy" Collins (Student)

It looks amazing and works like it's described! It's fantastic. My teacher said before I got the product "You have perfect hand positioning," but here it is and already my hand positioning is going far beyond.

- Edward Yeo (University music student)

It is magic. I could feel the difference in my playing after several minutes crossing 'the break,' and it would certainly help reduce the RSI I have in my right hand. So once again, thank you, I think it is brilliant and elegant.

- Kim Olsen (Student)

Classical Fingers was received in great condition... thank you for designing this wonderful product.

- Richard Fong (Educator, performer)