Clip & Play

Classical Fingers is made from strong, durable ABS, complementing the design and structure of the clarinet.


By attaching two specifically designed magnetic bands to the clarinet, Classical Fingers simply clips into perfect position, providing both support and stability to the guard.  


When finished using Classical Fingers, simply leave the magnetic bands on the clarinet and attach the Guard to your music stand.


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RING TOP_transparent.png
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Passion behind the concept

As a clarinet teacher of 18 years, I found many students played the clarinet by lifting their fingers too high. As a result, this would often lead to incorrect finger placement, difficulty in remembering patterns, and not playing smoothly. I found that reducing the distance their fingers had to travel by hovering a pencil over my students’ fingers immediately improved their accuracy and smoothness. By doing this, I realised I could start training their fingers to stay in the correct position through muscle memory. From this simple teaching technique, the evolution of Classical Fingers was realised.

The evolution of Classical Fingers

Classical Fingers is now an essential part of learning to play the clarinet, and has helped students in over 40 countries improve their technique. It reinforces the correct finger technique a student learns in their clarinet lesson so they are not developing bad habits at home.


Careful consideration has been taken in the design to ensure that Classical Fingers shows off a sleek and elegant design whilst complementing the aesthetic, quality, and structure of the clarinet.

Classical Fingers on Sonata music.jpg